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Dissent Is Patriotic -- Know Your Rights

Dissent is a form of patriotism. Free and open discourse is the lifeblood in a democracy. As long as the ACLU has existed, we've been defending the rights of demonstrators to speak their minds and gather to make their views known.

We've assembled some resources to help you understand your rights. They're listed below. Most of the information applies to protests or actions in Vermont or elsewhere. Information specific to Vermont is marked.

If you're stopped by police in Vermont. This is our "bust card," a handy document you can print out and carry in your wallet or purse. This document has information specific to Vermont.

If you're stopped by police ("bust card" en español aquí). These links take you to general information about your rights when police stop you. For more specific information:

-- If you are stopped in a car
-- If you are questioned about your immigration status
-- If you are approached by police or immigration agents at home
-- If you are contacted by the FBI
-- If you are arrested

Obtaining legal help from the ACLU-VT. This is a link to FAQs about the legal program run by the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont. This information is spcific to Vermont.

Photographers' Rights. Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places, and harassing, detaining and arresting those who fail to comply.

Dissent is Patriotic. Download a poster, and Facebook and Twitter icons.


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